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Adaptive Technology

Brand Model Part # Price
Freedom Scientific Jaws for Windows Home JFW $1000
Freedom Scientific Jaws for Windows Professional JFWPRO $1200
Freedom Scientific Openbook OCR OPEN $1000
AiSquared ZoomText Magnifier Only ZT1 $500
AiSquared ZoomText Magnifier/Reader ZT2 $700
AiSquared Fusion Pro FUSION $1700
Freedom Scientific MAGic Professional w/o Speech MAGPRONO $400
Freedom Scientific MAGic Professional w/ Speech MAGPROSP $600
Dragon Dragon Professional DRAGON CALL

Jaws for Windows The World's Most Popular Windows Screen Reader

JAWS, Job Access With Speech, is the world's most popular screen reader, developed for computer users whose vision loss prevents them from seeing screen content or navigating with a mouse. JAWS provides speech and Braille output for the most popular computer applications on your PC.

JAWS users around the world sent us videos about the impact JAWS has made on their lives. We compiled these testimonials and more in a video to celebrate the 20th anniversary of JAWS for Windows.


Two multi-lingual synthesizers: Eloquence and Vocalizer Expressive
Talking installation
Built-in free DAISY Player and full set of DAISY-formatted basic training books
Works with Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and much more
Supports Windows® 8.1 and Windows 10, including touch screens and gestures
Support for MathML content presented in Internet Explorer that is rendered with MathJax
Fast information look-up at your fingertips with Research It
Convenient OCR feature provides access to the text of PDF documents, even those with scanned images that are reported as empty documents by screen readers
Save time with Skim Reading
The only Windows screen reader to provide contracted Braille input from your Braille keyboard
Fully compatible with MAGic, screen magnification software, and OpenBook, scanning and reading program
Advanced Features

JAWS Tandem available for free to help with support and training
Optional support for Citrix, Terminal Services, and Remote Desktop
Powerful scripting language to customize the user experience on any application
Includes drivers for all popular Braille displays
Includes voices for over 30 different languages
Distributed worldwide with local sales and support in most countries

JAWS for Windows JAWS Home $1000    JAWS PRO $1200

Openbook OpenBook converts printed documents or graphic-based text into an electronic text format on your PC, reading it aloud with quality speech and the latest in accurate optical character recognition (OCR). OpenBook utilizes both Nuance OmniPage and ABBYY FineReader OCR engines to bring you the most accurate text recognition available.

Use OpenBook to read books, magazines, and bills. OpenBook identifies columns and places them in logical reading order. Change the language setting to read foreign language documents with native speaker voices.

The low vision features of OpenBook allow you to tailor the appearance of text on your screen, including font style, size, character spacing, and colors. A Split View option allows for easy comparison of the original document and the results of OCR conversion. Masking and Word Spotlighting features synchronize with the text being read, making it easy to follow the screen position during reading.

Highlight important passages of a document for later reference
Insert your own comments in a document
Scan bound books and maintain pagination
Export to other applications like Microsoft Word or Notepad
Enhanced ability to search for and download books from the Internet
Full support for listening to DAISY and other audio files
Built-in Braille support
Built-in photocopy functionality
Supports Windows 10
Scanner not included.

Openbook Openbook  $1000

ZoomText ZoomText is the world’s leading magnification and screen reading software for the visually impaired and helps countless individuals across the globe stay employed and in touch with the world.

There are three versions available – ZoomText Magnifier, which will enlarge and enhance everything on your computer screen with perfect clarity, making all of your applications easy to see and use. ZoomText Magnifier/Reader, which includes all the great features of Magnifier, and will additionally read aloud anything on your computer screen. Sit back as email, documents, and webpages are read aloud to you right through your computer’s speakers, letting you relax your eyes even more. ZoomText Fusion, which provides the features and benefits of ZoomText Magnifier/Reader plus a complete screen reader. Fusion is perfect for individuals, who over time, want a smooth and safe transition from magnification to full screen reading.

ZoomText Magnifier $500  Mag/Reader $700

ZoomText Fusion
Fusion is the ultimate accessibility tool for individuals with any level of vision impairment. Fusion provides the best of both worlds – ZoomText, with its screen magnification and visual enhancements for screen viewing ease, coupled with the power and speed of JAWS for screen reading functionality.
By blending ZoomText and JAWS together, Fusion has flexible, high-quality speech using Eloquence and Vocalizer Expressive, powerful keyboard access including navigation on the web, and a wide range of customization options.

Fusion Fusion $1700

MAGic Low Vision Software Features

MAGic 13 or later runs on Windows® 8.1 and Windows 10
75 magnification levels from 1x to 60x
View more of the screen content with multiple magnification levels between 1x and 4x
Work longer without fatigue with high-definition text and crisp fonts
Never lose track of the cursor or mouse pointer again with MAGic's high-definition mouse and cursor enhancement options
Eliminate glare and increase contrast with built-in color enhancements
Speech options add human-sounding voices to speak text and echo user actions
Easy to learn and use with built-in training tools
Add a MAGic Large Print Keyboard with bold, high-contrast keys for easy access to MAGic's most-used features
MAGic is designed and tested to work well on computers where JAWS is installed
Business and Classroom Features

Dual-monitor support provides greater productivity
Citrix Remote Access for advanced workplace opportunities

MAGic Magic Pro w/speech $600   Magic Pro no speech $400